I love to read.  My favorite genre is historical fiction but, I definitely like to spread my reading across different types of books.  Usually, I just wait until someone recommends a book but that often times leaves me with a void between reads.  I can easily get out of the habit of reading and I don't like that!  My goal this year is to read 6-8 books.  I decided to start searching Amazon to begin my list and here are some that I have added to my wish list:
The only book on the list above that anyone had recommended is "Kisses From Katie"...I have read her blog and can't wait to dig into her story!  The others I found searching and browsing various links on Amazon.  Do me a favor, if you've read any of the above books and they weren't worth your time, could you let me know?  Thanks!

Here is a list of some books I have read recently:
I would also love to hear your recommendations on some of your favorite reads (classics, current, all-time-favorites).

Cherish your day.


Erica said...

ahh.. I love books. Right now I am reading fiction murder/mysteries from James Patterson. Glad you are back to blogging!

Cameron Stevens, Jr. High Principal said...

Establishing a very similar goal of reading many books this year. Once completed, I will blog my thoughts and what I learned.

jeanette :o) said...

I think you would currently enjoy and engage in the one I am currently reading "So Long Insecurity"-Beth Moore. Encouraging, powerful, and exciting journey... just one step at a time love... one step and one moment... He's got the rest. ;) Love you friend!!!

Amy said...

i joined a book club 5 years ago, because I had stopped reading books just for fun. Only read self-help, spiritual books. I've read all the ones that you just finished except the Ann Voskamp one, but really want to read that one. Also, looking forward to reading Kisses from Katie. This month we read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Really great fiction read.