Mission Statement

I have been thinking about my blog a lot the last few months.  I miss blogging/journaling and I want to re-launch it with a new focus.  Is there such a thing as a blog mission statement?  Well, I'm creating one and here it is:
I want to inspire others to live a more beautiful life.
I am a graphic designer but, I am also a passionate human being.  The focus for my blog going forward is attempting to reveal my heart, one story or project at a time.  I want to be real and transparent.  I want so desperately to live the life God wants me to experience and to encourage others to strive for the same.  There is so much beauty in this world just waiting to be discovered.  I can lose site of the beautiful things surrounding me when I get caught up in news headlines, the social media tidal wave, or blinded by the boundaries of my own little bubble.  I have a strong desire to see more of what this world has to offer.  That means digging in to see beneath the surface of only what my eyes can see.

I've come up with a fun way to organize my thoughts and writings:
I'm still getting things organized and set-up but, I hope to start posting soon.  I might even change the name of my themes but, I had to start!

I'm scared.  Why?  Because I want to do this, I want God to be in every posting, and I want to make a difference.  That will require me to be more open, to share parts of myself that I have kept under lock and key, to be vulnerable.  How is it I can be excited, nervous, and peaceful at the same time? I am looking forward to this next year and all of the adventures that await me... are you ready for the New Year?

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Shawnee Halligan said...

I love your heart and can't wait to follow your journey.