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I get the absolute pleasure of representing Sharing Spree here in Portland.  With this opportunity I get to take advantage of the amazing deals they offer on a daily basis.  Recently, I had the chance to try something new, eyelash extensions.

(I can hear the sound of men logging off...)

Yes, this post is for the Ladies.  Sharing Spree always offers fabulous deals from getaways to beauty treatments.  I recently had purchased an offer to get a full set of silk eyelash extensions.  Since it was such a smashing deal, I had to try it.

One of my least favorite things about putting make-up on is mascara.  Hate it.  I could cut 5 minutes off of my "facetime" if I didn't have to wear mascara.  Without mascara, I just look tired.  Not kidding when I tell you that I have had a person ask me if I was feeling okay on a day I ventured into town without mascara!  My lashes are super blonde and therefore, mascara is a must.  That is why this deal was so appealing to me... no mascara.

I was so excited for my appointment with Teri at Glam Lash Boutique!  I wanted to share my experience so if you are considering this beauty splurge, maybe my experience will help you make a better decision.

First let me say the salon (Belong Salon, Tualatin Oregon) Teri works out of is adorable!  It was clean, not overly decorated/designed, comfy, and I felt welcome.  I think this is an important aspect of salons to create a welcoming environment for their clients.  I recently went on another Sharing Spree beauty excursion and the salon I visited was like a salon straight out of Beverly Hills.  It was gorgeous! The kind of place where I probably couldn't even afford to breathe the air.  Anyway...  The Glam Lash Boutique was perfectly welcoming.  The room where she did my extensions was so calming and comfortable.  I mean if you are going to lay there for almost 2 hours, you need to be comfortable, right?

Yes, I said 2 hours.  It sounds like a very long time for something so indulgent. Well, sometimes a Girl must pamper herself.  There was a stretch during my appointment I actually fell asleep...the nap was a bonus.  Teri was gracious.  I appreciated her knowledge and thoughtfulness to explain the procedure and walked me through it step by step.  We had a lovely conversation (with the exception of when I dozed off to dreamland. doh!)  Don't you hate when you are getting your nails done or hair did and there is that awkward silence?  Teri was really great to chat with as she applied my lashes.

Let me explain a few little details for those who haven't even heard of this beauty treatment.  Basically, individual silk lashes are glued directly to your existing lashes with medical-grade, eye-safe glue.

One. At. A. Time.

So, yes, it takes some time to glue a bunch of silk lashes to my thinning/blonde eyelashes.  The glue can sting your eyes because it is some no-joke-serious glue.  Before the glue had dried, my eyes opened and that's when I felt the sting in my eyes.  Once the glue dried, I no longer felt the sting or had watery eyes.  So keep your eyes CLOSED. Your welcome.

Are you ready for the before and after?  Who doesn't love a good before and after?!  This is where you can really see the difference:
(see. tired.)

(forgive the coloring of this photo...I didn't reapply make-up so I'm all blotchy)
I can't tell you how excited I am to NOT wear mascara tomorrow.  Teri and I discussed beforehand how thick I wanted them, how dramatic, etc.  I wanted them to look natural and not like the "falsies" you find in the store.  To take care of my lashes, I was instructed to not use any oil-based cleansers or make-up and stay out of steam for awhile (aka, no hot tubs or really long steamy showers)  This breaks down the glue and that's when I start losing my new lashes. The silk lashes need to be touched up every 3-6 weeks (depending on how well I take care of them and how my lashes respond to the glue).  Its like getting a "fill" on your acrylic nails.  I did purchase a touch-up and will return to see her again in a few weeks.

The experience was great and so far, I love the result. I think its fun to spice up your lashes for the holidays, wedding, or an event.  I will try to remember to update in a couple weeks to let you know how they are holding up.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for fabulous deals like this on Sharing Spree!

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