1990s | I Will.

When we were married back in 1996, our family friend and Pastor officiated our ceremony.  I honestly don't remember much of what he said other than "in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer... yaddayada".  The one thing I remember saying in our vows was instead of "I Do", we said "I Will".

We chose to say "I will" because we were making a commitment to each other for life, not just for that precious moment on our wedding day.  We took our vows very seriously and knew that from that day forward until death do us part, we would live together as husband and wife.

Divorce is not an option for us.  Before we were even engaged, we set in our hearts that we would not allow that to be an option.  And you know what, it hasn't ever come up.  We've had some pretty hefty arguments and we have been through some serious "marriage rockers", don't get me wrong.  We took divorce off the table so we had to look for other solutions.  We also know without a doubt that the Lord has protected us through all the challenges that our marriage has been through.  We depend on Him to hold us together because let's face it, we're human and weak.

SIDE NOTE:  I have had many friends divorce and even others that are considering it.  I am not naive to the reality that marriage is tough and every relationship is unique.  Please don't read into my sharing that I think divorce is wrong, I am only sharing what Eric and I have established for our relationship.

I am thankful that in 1995 Eric and I had one of those dating conversations where we decided to never give up on us.  We have been married 17+ years and I never thought I could love him more than when I said, I will but you know what ... I do.


Jen said...

This is lovely!

Eric said...

I thank God every day you made that commitment to me. It was easier for me because I knew it would be much harder to not love you then it ever would be to love you for the rest of my days.