My Jellybean

My husband and I have been blessed with 3 darling (yet very spunky) children.  In the mix is our little girl, our Jellybean.  I was talking to a friend today about the names of children and their meanings.  It reminded me of how we came to choose the name for our little girl.  In reality, God chose her name.

In Biblical days, choosing a name for your child was pivotal.  Receiving a name in those days was a reflection of your birth circumstances or your heritage.  I think of Isaac who was born to Sarah (age 90!), his name means "he laughs".

I enjoy telling the story of how we came to the name for our baby girl because I can see how each detail was orchestrated perfectly.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and on the schedule was a playdate with a friend.  I gathered my pregnant-self along with my 3 year old boy and we headed to the park.  Our sons played on the playground while we sat under the shade of a tree and had Mom-talk.  Talking about multiples and my pregnancy was pretty much the only topic of conversation that I seemed to have for 8 months.  She was also expecting a boy a few months before the twins were due, so we had lots to chat about.

On this particular day, my friend and I had the name talk. She shared with me that if her son had been a girl, they would have named her Amelia.  I made a mental note thinking it was a beautiful name for a girl.  Not too common, a bit vintage, yet strong.  Our playdate ended and the day carried on.

That evening as my husband and I sat down to relax, I told him about my day and said, "I heard a really pretty name we can add to our girl list."  He jumped in and said, "I have a name for the girl list too!  I met a court reporter the other day, her name was Amelia."  Can you imagine?  I instantly began to laugh and said, "I think we have our name."  I told him about my conversation at the park and we both knew our daughter would be named, Amelia.  Her name means "industrious".


Diligent and hard-working.
My little girl is nine years old now and I can't even begin to tell you how much that name fits her character.  She rarely sits still, she comes up with a 100 ideas before the day is done, and is always willing to help around the house... well, not always she is nine after all.  Her heart is already connected to God and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.  Don't get me wrong, she is a young girl that can throw a fit like the best of them but, she is beyond her years in understanding who God is.  She is curious to know Him and asks questions all. the. time.  I have learned many lessons from her nine years on earth.  Many times I catch myself staring at her, dreaming of what God has planned for her future.

I heard this song today and instantly connected to the lyrics by Shane and Shane:

Shane and Shane - The One You Need (Official Music Video) from shane-and-shane on GodTube.

After reading this blog post, Amelia says, "Its weird how as you grow people's names soak into them.  It becomes them."


Katie said...

Such a sweet blog post and I love that Shane and Shane song too :)

Kristen Hamilton said...

Carrie, This is a precious post - one that I relate to with my three daughters. I love names with meaning. That's so cool how you & hubby both came across the name and liked it! Great song - Thanks for sharing!